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History of the Weimaraner


There is some difference of opinion as to the origin of the Weimaraner breed. Early pictures and descriptions of dogs that many believe to be Weimaraners appear in 13th century literature and art. Many others though believe that the breed originated in Weimar, Germany in the latter 1700's.

We do know that during the 19th century, the Nobles of Weimar had strong control over the breed. They were avid hunters, so they bred mainly for tracking ability, speed, courage, and durability. They helped form the Weimaraner Club of Germany, which tightly controlled who could own a Weimaraner.

In October 1938, through a long arduous campaign, Howard Knight brought the first breeding pair of Weimaraners to the United States. In 1942 the Weimaraner Club of America (WCA) was formed. Later that year the breed was formally accepted into the American Kennel Club.

In the latter 1940's many Weimaraners were imported to the United States. Then during the 50's, mainly due to some exaggerated advertising, the Weimaraner's popularity skyrocketed. Non selective breeding brought about a decrease in the quality of the breed. The public subsequently became disenchanted with the breed, and Weimaraners soon became viewed as an overrated, ill-tempered breed with poor conformation.

Luckily there were a few dedicated breeders who maintained the breed standards of excellence. By the mid-sixties, the
Breed began the long road to recovery as breeders began working on repairing the damage.

Today, the quality of the Weimaraner has been recovered, and the breed is again enjoying a renewed popularity. It is important that we learn from history though. It is vital for both breeders and buyers to educate themselves about the Weimaraner temperament and needs before selling or buying.

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