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Titles, Degrees, and Notations found on American Weimaraner Pedigrees

American Kennel Club (AKC) Titles
Championships: Championships go before the name
Ch Conformation (Show) Champion
FCh, FC Field Champion
AFCh, AFC Amateur Field Champion
OTCh Obedience Trial Champion
DCh, DC Dual Champion for dogs attaining a Ch/FCh or CH/OTCh combination
TCh, TC Triple Champion For dogs attaining a Ch/FCh/OTCh combination: No Weimaraner has attained this title
NFCh, NFC National Field Champion For the dog who wins the Open Championship at the WCA National Field Trial
NAFCh, NAFC National Amateur Field Champion; For the dog who wins the Amateur Championship at the WCA National Field Trial
Obedience: Obedience titles go behind the name
CD Companion Dog (the Novice level title)
CDX Companion Dog Excellent (the Open level title)
UD Utility Dog (the Utility level title)
UDX Utility Dog Excellent for dogs with a UD who simultaneously pass both the Open and Utility levels at 10 shows
TD Tracking Dog
TDX Tracking Dog Excellent
UDT Utility Dog Tracker: For dogs with a UD and TD
UDTX Utility Dog Tracker Excellent: For dogs with a UD and TDX
Hunting Tests: Hunt Test titles go behind the name
JH Junior Hunter
SH Senior Hunter
MH Master Hunter
Agility: Agility titles go behind the name
NA Novice Agility
OA Open Agility
AX Agility Excellent
MX Master Agility Excellent: For dogs with an AX who pass the AX test 10 more times

Weimaraner Club of America (WCA) Ratings: All Ratings titles go after the name
Retrieving Ratings
NRD Novice Retrieving Dog
RD Retrieving Dog
RDX Retrieving Dog Excellent
Shooting Ratings
NSD Novice Shooting Dog
SD Shooting Dog
SDX Shooting Dog Excellent
Versatile Ratings: The WCA assigns a point value to each AKC and WCA title. These point values are then used to assign this rating.
V Versatile: The dogs earns 6 points in three different categories
VX Versatile Excellent: The dog earns 9 points including one Ch, FCh, or OTCh in three different categories
WCA Futurity Wins
BIF Best in Bench (Show) Futurity
Dual Fut Dual Futurity Award: The dog must place in both a bench (show) and field futurity as of the 1996 futurity year
Other WCA Notations
BROM Breed Register of Merit: The dog is a proven producer of show quality dogs. Work is underway to create a similar designation for field dogs

North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association (NAVHDA): NAVHDA tests are based on the German tests dogs must perform both on land and in the water. "Prizes" are given based on score in each area and total points.
NA1, NAI Natural Ability Test, Prize I
NA2, NAII Natural Ability Test, Prize II
NA3, NAIII Natural Ability Test, Prize III
UPT1, UPTI Utility Preparatory Test, Prize I
UPT2, UPTII Utility Preparatory Test, Prize II
UPT3, UPTIII Utility Preparatory Test, Prize III
UT1, UTI Utility Test, Prize I
UT2, UTII Utility Test, Prize II
UT3, UTIII Utility Test, Prize III

Other Titles, Certificates, Wins: All go after the name
BIS Best In Show
BISS Best in Specialty Show
OFA Orthopedic Foundation of America: A USA hip registry, hips are graded Excellent, Good, Fair
Penn-Hip Pennsylvania Hip Registry: A USA hip registry. Hips are graded on a percentile basis against other dogs of the same breed
CERF Canine Eye Registry Foundation: A USA eye registry. Eyes are graded "Normal" for 1 year. Weimaraners tend not to get re-graded as the breed doesn't haveany known degeneration problems of the eye.
TT Temperament Tested (passed)
CGC Canine Good Citizen: A basic obedience and temperament test
TDI Therapy Dogs International The dog has passed the TDI test and is registered
* Pending Used after any title that is still pending confirmation

Designations for other Countries and Registries: Titles are generally the same as the AKC titles title will be preceded by the desgniation
AKC,Am American Kennel Club (USA)
SKC States Kennel Club (USA)
UKC, U- United Kennel Club (USA)
CKC, Can Canadian Kennel Club (Canada)
Bda Bermuda
Bhm Bahamas
Intl International

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