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Once upon a time in a land far far away, a prince was born. His parents, the king and queen loved him very much. They named him Levi, after the priests in the old testament, and gave him almost anything he wanted. As the prince grew he became loved and adored by almost all who met him. But there were also some in the land who were jealous of the prince. One who especially hated the prince was a wicked witch named Douwina. As the days went by, Douwina concocted an evil plan to destoy the prince...
(To be continued)
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Levi's Pedigree
CH Foxfire's GoldfingerCH Wynwoods EZ Made Spicy StuCH Valmar's Smokey City Ultra Easy
CH Vanoah's Glory Hallelujah
CH Smokey City's Foxfire SophiaCH Nani's Southern Cross
CH Smokey City's EZ Wynwood Mirage
Ember's Flame V GrayCH Sanbar's It's Only MoneyCh Sanbar's Austin City Limits
CH Sancreeks Tracie
Sporting Acres Grace Ellise CH Sporting Acres Dusty Chance
Orion's Destiny V Reiteralm
RWD-Southern Colorado Kennel Club-Dr. D. Sturz Jr.

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