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Adonai's Puppies

Our April 1999 "Hot" Litter

Tommy & Ember


Ember's Flame V Gray "Ember" was bred to Ch.Foxfire's Goldfinger "Tommy". Learn more about Ember and Tommy on their own web pages (see the links below). Their puppies were born April 29, 1999. Take a look at their puppies:
as newborns 5/1/99
at 1 week 5/7/99
at 2 weeks 5/13/99
at 3 weeks 5/20/99
at 4 weeks 5/27/99
at 5 weeks 6/3/99
at 6 weeks 6/10/99
at 7 weeks 6/17/99
at 8 weeks 6/24/99


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