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Silver Hills Butch Cassidy (Thunder)
Howdy folks! Welcome to my page. My people named me Thunder because I am Dyyyyyynamic. I am a fun loving dog who likes to mix business with pleasure. I love to learn new commands and tricks, but I also like to play tricks on my people. My favorite trick is hide & go seek with their shoes. My favorite chow is carrots. I am currently trying to learn how to open that dawg gone refrigerator. (If any one has any tips please let me know.) Look for me in the show ring this fall. To see my photoalbum click here.

Thunder's Pedigree

CH Britannia Caballero De Plata CD JHCH Wismar's Sir Winston DavisCH Valmar Smokey City Ultra Easy JH
CH Wismar's Mint Julep
CH TD'S Tiffany Silver V WismarCH Wismar's Jack Daniels
CH Wismar's Miss Liberty V Debar
Silver Hills Butch Cassidy
CH Grayshar Chablis V Valmar CDCH Valmar's Apache RebelCH Tophat's Top Gun
CH Valmar's Starling
CH Grayshar's Easy Impression CH Valmar's Smokey City Ultra Easy JH
CH Greysport Touch Of Grace

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