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The Puppies: 3 Weeks

Boy the puppies are really growing fast! Don't let the collars trick you...White now has a mauve collar, Orange has a teal collar, and Yellow has a black collar! Take a look.

Blue Pup Blue Pup
Blue 3 Weeks (boy) Blue 3 Weeks (boy)
Pink Pup Pink Pup
Pink 3 Weeks (girl) Pink 3 Weeks (girl)
Orange Pup Orange Pup
Orange 3 Weeks (girl) Orange 3 Weeks (girl)
White Pup White Pup
White 3 Weeks (girl) White 3 Weeks (girl)
Green Pup Green Pup
Green 3 Weeks (boy) Green 3 Weeks (boy)
Purple Pup Purple Pup
Purple 3 Weeks (girl) Purple 3 Weeks (girl)
Yellow Pup Yellow Pup
Yellow 3 Weeks (boy) Yellow 3 Weeks (boy)
Red Pup Red Pup
Red 3 Weeks (girl) Red 3 Weeks (girl)

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